DIY Chicken Feeder

DIY chicken feeder plans cost $8.95 and come with a sixty day money back guarantee.
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  • DIY Chicken Treadle Feeder plans
  • It is time to stop throwing expensive feed on the ground
  • Chickens can be dirty, but the feeder keeps their food clean
  • Chickens learn to use feeder within a couple of days. It is great fun watching them use the feeder
  • Adjustable bolts design allows custom setting to opening/closing resistance
  • Durable treadle design will last year’s
  • Comparable feeder cost $150 retail or online
  • Easy to fill and holds approx 20 lbs of feed
  • We’ve made several hundred feeders and sold them at local feed store without ever receiving a return unit
  • Works for egg layers, meat birds, and turkeys

What you purchase:

  • 82 page pdf
  • detailed instructions on how to build the feeder
  • detailed dimensions in US (inch) units for each component
  • detailed dimensions in metric (mm) units for each component
  • complete list of materials
  • instructions on how to train a chicken to use treadle feeder

Tools you will need to build the feeder:

  •  table saw
  • drill and #10 bit
  • hammer and nails – nail gun (optional)
  • 7/16″ wrench and socket set

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